01 Your Cannabis Connection in
Southwest Michigan.
At Sunset Coast Provisions, we believe cannabis provides essential everyday leisure. That's why we created a dispensary space that welcomes all customers, with an educated staff that can explain the effects of different strains, delivery methods, dosages, and guide you towards the positive effects you’re looking for. Frequently Asked Questions  
02 Relaxation on the Horizon.
We believe relaxation, leisure and enjoyment are more than just nice extras—they’re necessary for our health and happiness. Whether you're an experienced consumer or just canna-curious, purchasing cannabis should be a safe, stress-free pleasure that you actually look forward to. Our knowledgeable customer service team is here to ensure your experience is an enjoyable one. Learn More  
03 Powered by Plants. We’re not just selling cannabis—we also cultivate the plant, right here in Michigan. As growers and consumers, we've seen up close how this plant can support health, wellness, rest and relaxation. We're proud to be part of the health and economic growth of Michigan’s agricultural community. Shop online  
The cannabis plant adds so much enjoyment to our lives—we want to share that sense of enjoyment, and for you to look forward to visiting us as much as you would look forward to a day at the lake.