About Us

Sunset Coast Provisions was founded by a group of professionals, all of whom shared two common denominators: a love for the singular beauty of Michigan lake life and the belief that cannabis is an amazing plant that can add immensely to our lives.

In this stress-filled era, all of us crave the feeling of freedom and ease that we get from vacation, the outdoors and a day at the lake. Sunset Coast Provisions was created with that feeling of freedom in mind. We all need the recharge that comes with nature, leisure and getting away—and we need it more than just two weeks a year.

At Sunset Coast Provisions, we believe cannabis provides that essential everyday leisure, and that purchasing cannabis should be a pleasure—but all too often, the cannabis retail experience is intimidating or confusing.

We founded Sunset Coast Provisions because we saw the need for a friendly, comfortable, inclusive dispensary space that welcomed consumers of all levels, from the cannabis-curious to the experienced connoisseur, women and men, young adults and seniors, locals and visitors.

We envisioned a dispensary where the budtenders are also growers and cultivators who understand the cannabis plant from seed to shelf. One where questions are welcomed and education is part of our DNA. One where our experts have curated an easy-to-navigate selection of cannabis products from Michigan’s finest farms, as well as leading national brands.

Our mission: Creating a cannabis dispensary that’s enjoyable to visit—where people feel comfortable, reassured by the guidance of our knowledgeable staff, and confident that they’re accessing the best quality products Michigan has to offer.